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Denim South Collection.

Denim an accessories store on the web, offers Custom Denim South Signature Snap-Backs, Handmade Bows and Jewelry.

Beautiful Things

All products and photography in this website were provided by Denim South.

Style & Quality

Denim Signature Snap-backs show off the latest trend in fashion when you select of our custom snap-backs or fitted style to complete your ensemble. Find exactly what you are looking for with our wide selection of colors & style to fit everyday use. Quality is what we strive on at Denim South. Here we have a different selection on accessories & Fashionable Jewelry that will fit your everyday needs.

100% Handmade bows

Find the right style and color to match any outfit in your wardrobe.  Our quality bows are made from satin, polyester, and cotton material and look fabulous in your hair. Choose from the classic Cheshire bow & Classic bow the short style bow, in a wide range of colors & styles.

Fashionable Jewelry

Where you can pic the style of the day for daily uses styles and shapes with still in mind to keep you up to date with the latest fashionable pieces at  "Denim South Fashionable Jewelry Line"

We are a locally owned and operated family business in North Las Vegas. We pride our selves on excellent customer services, We ensure and guarantee product quality and satisfaction. Denim South LLC brand was created with design and style in mind. The Denim South brand was created by Marcus Edmond Sr in 2010 and named by our oldest daughter Hailee Edmond. Being born and raised in the heart of southern Louisiana it only came natural to give our company a name we are so proud of (with Native American roots of Indian Descendants of my people). Denim South LLC is an up and coming e-retailer ecommerce site. Vintage, stylish, and creative clothing line & accessories distribution company. In an effort to keep up with today’s technology we give you the convenience to click and shop our line of hats and accessories with confidence.
— Cheif: Marcus Edmond

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